Workshops and Retreats

Here you will find information about Training and Retreats that I offer and that I have been organizing in the past. If you are interested in my work, you have a place and you want me to share with a group, just get in touch with me. The agenda for  Late 2021 and 2022 is open for the United Kingdom, Europe, Egypt and the USA.

Bones, Ink and Skin Experience:
The Power of Shamanic Tattoo.

These retreats are a totally magical initiation for attendees.

They are designed for tattoo artists who want to experience a magical and ancient shamanic way of working with tattoos and for people who want a healing and magical tattoo that helps them.

This Retreat is a huge Rite of Passage and a highly transformative experience for both the person receiving the tattoo and the tattoo artist who provides it, creating a powerful connection between the two.

This retreat is a call, from the moment the space where we are going to work opens and a date is chosen. It is a call to tattoo artists who feel like coming to share.

An event is opened where interested professionals will share their professional profile and designs so that people who want to come to receive a shamanic tattoo can choose them as their bridge to the sacred.

I can describe the experience as highly magical and as something that marks a before and after both for the professional and for the person who is tattooed through the ritual process.

Nothing like living it to know if you want to go deeper into this way of working with the tattoo.

Breathing in the Shadow Self

This is a super-intensive Retreat where we enter fully into our personal Shadow through different shamanic techniques. The idea of this retreat is to release veils of shadow that block us and distort our true selves.

The Retreat includes among other things:

  • Ancestral Healing
  • Shamanic Records (Past Lives)
  • Various Purification Ceremonies
  • Cacao Medicine Circles.

We are going to discover, we are going to dive and for a few days, we are going to surrender to the depth of the shadow work wrapped in by the spirits and beings that inhabit the liminal spaces.

This retreat usually lasts one week but I can also offer weekend intensives.

In the testimonies section in this web you will be able to read some of the experiences of those who have attended these retreats in the past.

Awakening the Goddess Within

This is an Initiatory Retreat for those who wish to establish a connection with the Divine and awaken the Seed of the Goddess within.

This Retreat is open to everyone but it is especially designed for those who feel the call of the Goddess and wish to step further in the path towars her. 

We will awaken the Seed of the Goddess through different Activities and Ceremonies. We are going to connect with Different Aspects of the Goddess and different Deities. We will also meet our Inner Deity and connect with our Sacred Feminine or Masculine.

We will journey to our deepest selves through a groupal Lineage Healing. A Shamanic Technique that will lead us to meet our Ancestors so that they can help us heal within the circle.

This Retreat can be organized for 1 Week or Weekend.

Sacred Androgynous

A retreat on Healing and Integration of Male and Female Energies from the Shamanic Vision. For those who have walked for a long time with their male or female part in imbalance or who are looking to heal something in relation to it.

Through Alchemical Shamanic exercises and other Techniques we are going to make peace with our Anima and Animus respectively, we are going to share a process that will help us not only to become aware of the Androgynous energies of our Soul, but to be able to balance them and heal what has been hidden In our shadow. 

We are going to meet to start a conscious process, the Personal Alchemical Marriage, to then be able to have not only a healthy relationship with the Male-Female parts that make us up, but it will help us to have healthier relationships with people, which it is also what is intended to achieve. By healing this inner relationship, we heal all other relationships by bringing shadow conflicts to light.

This Retreat can also serve to heal conflicts in relationships. You can attend alone, but also with your partner if you wish.

Weekend Retreat. 

Entering the Cave of 

La Huesera

This is a Weekend Retreat for those who have just encountered shamanism and wish to have an approach or initiation. The idea is to give a global vision of the shamanic practices in addition to introducing the assistants to my particular way of working and the techniques that have been given to me by the spirits.

This weekend workshop is an intense opportunity for healing but also to safely open a door to shamanism and its multiple therapeutic applications for anyone who is curious.

In this workshop we will experience ritual healing, we will travel to past incarnations to seek healing, we will visit the ancestors to heal our lineage, we will look for our power animal and we will also receive a special healing from the hand of our animal alter ego. We will do a soul recovery practice and visit our guides among other things.

A weekend for everyone, full of experiences to help you understand the shamanic work that I share since many of the techniques are personal.


  • Shapeshifting for Power and Healing. 
  • Shamanic Records. 
  • Reiki of the Prairies (A Shamanic System). Also Online.
  • Healing in Between the Worlds. Olso Online. 
  • Humitos Sagrados (Sacred Smoke): A Purification Workshop. 
  • Ancestral Healing. Also online. 
  • Crystal Alchemy
  • Magnified Healing
  • Arcanum Healing (An energy work technique using Tarot). Also Online.
  • Angelic Connection Worshop. (Includes a Healing Technique).

La Huesera Tribe Gatherings

    I also organize Retreats designed for families with children who want to share something special with them. In these Gatherings of the Tribe of La Huesera I share teachings that the little ones can attend, as well as special workshops for parents and children.
    When my eldest son was little he used to accompany me to Native Spirituality Gatherings and participate in some ceremonies open to children. I remember that he fell asleep inside the Inipi once! And he enjoyed making Prayer Ties and Crafts related to native spirituality.
    The retreats can be held on Weekends or Week Camps with focused workshops to share with our children. This is the Tribe, this is to share in Family. Some of the activities we share:

  •                             Mini Crystal Workshop
  •                             Dreamcatcher Workshop
  •                             Purification Workshop
  •                             Storytelling
  •                             Fire Ceremony

Past Trainings, Retreats and Events. 

Here some of my International Past Events, apart from my trainings and workshops in Spain.

Shamanic Training Finalnd 2016/17.

Shamanic Tattoo Experimental Retreat Poland 2018

Breathing in the Shadow Self Retreat Cairo 2020

Shamanic Training Poland 2017/18

Rites of La Huesera Wales 2019

Organiser of the International Online Symposium of the Fellowship of Isis 2018

Shamanic Teachings Bristol 2018

Breathing in the Shadow Self Retreat Andalusia 2019

Organiser of the International Congress of Witchcraft and Magic. Online 2018

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