The Path of the Priestess


Awakening the Priestess Within

We are Priestesses, we have not disappeared, we are reborn from the ashes of our ancient predecessors. We are unearthing an ancient path for future generations to find, to see it as clear as the sun itself and the moon, the stars, so that no one can get away from the gods or tell us that we can not connect with them.

They are the ancient gods that have called us to their service, they have awakened us so that we could bring them into a world of chaos and disconnection with the sacred in which we live. The ancient gods never left us, the patriarchy and the monotheistic religions disconnected us from them and tried to forget them.

The path of the priestess is beautiful, full of magic, of sacredness. It is a way of working to rebuild connections, to take off our modern shoes and put on the invisible sandals that take you to the temples of the ether and the abode of the gods. The invisible sandals that will allow you to walk on the old roads to bring to our time the gods and ancient gods.

I offer you the possibility of being initiated as a Priestess or Priest of the ancient Gods following the training of the FOI, you can also direct your steps towards the depths of the waters and become a Sea Priestess or Sea Priest or take the exclusive Priesthood of Hathor or Priesthood of Ixcacao, if You feel a special call this goddesses in particular. The Priesthood of Ixcacao is very Shamanic and you will learn the beautiful Alchemy of Cacao.  

Scota Goddess Temple

The Scota Goddess Temple is a Pagan Temple in Scotland, but open to anyone in a Path of Search in the Spiritual Realms, based on mutual respect, personal responsibility and honor in each spiritual path, as long as they are Earth centered and polytheistic Spiritualities. Our tutelary deity is The Cailleach.

Find more about the Temple and the Priestess Training in the link below. 

Sea Priestess Training

The Covenant of the Waters (CoTW) is a Pagan, Eclectic, Matriarchal, Interfaith, Congregation open to members from any country and nation.

The mission of this Congregation is to bring together people who love the Water Element and want to work in a community way based on this element either in rituals and public events both in person and online.

The Curriculum of the Ministry is divided into several degrees and levels according to the following structure:

  •                    1st Degree as Dedicants.
  •                    2nd Degree as Dedicants. Title of Sea Priest/ ess .
  •                    3rd Degree as Dedicants.
  •                    Year and 1 day of Service to the Covenant. Title as Sea High Priest/ ess

As Head of the Covenant I train women and men in the Sea Priesthood. 

Priesthood of Ixcacao Goddess

An Exclusive Shamanic Priesthood

Enter this exclusive and very Shamanic Training to connect and work deeply with Goddess Ixcacao, learn her beautiful Medicine and the Alchemy of Cacao to share with others in amazing Shamanic Circles and Ceremonies. 

 A Melisa or a Guardian of Ixcacao is a person who knows the Medicine of Cacao, who knows Alchemical Formulas for the Soul, who Holds, who Officiates the sacred for others, who brings Cacao Woman to this dimension, who shares her Love through her Blessing. After this work there is one more step, that of the Priestess and Priest of Ixcacao but you can not get there without first giving yourself as a Guide. 

The Priesthood of Ixcacao consists of 2 Spirals:

1st Year: Melisa or Guardian of Ixcacao.

2nd Year: Priestess or Priest of Ixcacao.

Fellowship of Isis Trainings

Ness Bosch was Ordained as Priestess of Hathor and Sekhmet in the Lyceum Domus Sophiae Terrae and Sancte Gradalis in Oxford, Directed by Caitlin Matthews, by Lesley Harris who is currently the Guardian of the Lyceum and Mentor, in the year 2017 after having started her relationship with the FOI in 2015.

In this year 2017 she was also consecrated as Archdruid of the Druid Clan of Dana of the Fellowship of Isis in the Lyceum of Isis and Sekhmet of the Stars in Portsmouth by Sarah Rooke.

On February 1st of the year 2018 she was Ordained as Dame Commander of the Noble Order of Tara of the Fellowship of Isis also in the Lyceum of Isis and Sekhmet of the Stars in Portsmouth by Sarah Rooke.

Finally, Ness is ordained as a Priestess Hierophant of the FOI in the Lyceum Domus Sophiae Terrae and Sancte Gradalis under the guidance of her mentor Lesley Harris, as Priestess of Ataecina, Morrigan, Sulis, Cernunnos and the Dragon.

Ness is the only person in Spain to have achieved 19 Magi Degrees of the FOI during her studies and preparation as a Hierophant.

In 2018 Ness Organized the International Symposium of the Fellowship of Isis. You can visit the page and access the conferences etc on the link:

Centers of Studies of the FOI that Ness Bosch Directs:

The House of the Fountain of Life: Lyceum of the Waters of Fire is dedicated to the Celtic and Iberian World and Mysteries and is the center from which the Curriculum of the College of Isis is studied. We have in preparation other formations focused on the Celtic and Iberian cultures that will be taught from this center.

The House of Love and Thunder: Iseum of the Power of the Heart is dedicated to the World of Ancient Egypt and is the center from which where we focus in related to the Egyptian theme studies . The Priesthood of Hathor by Ness, is taught from this center. Also the Iseum coordinates the Guardians of the Flame of Hathor.

The Grove of Excalibur and the Lady of the Lake is dedicated to the Druid World and is the center from which we work relating to the European Druid Culture. Formations focused on this path are being prepared and will be taught from this center.

The Priory of Universal Waters is dedicated to Water and Ecology. It is the Center from which we share love and respect for the waters, a Mystery School of the water element. 

The Priesthood of Hathor

The Aim Of This Training

The purpose of this training is to bring people who are interested in the Goddess Hathor to her mysteries, as well as to make a journey of exploration for different aspects of Egyptian culture. This coupled with practical exercises that compromise the program each month.


Egyptian Life and Spirituality.

The Goddess or God of the Month

Energy Working with the Goddess/God of the Month.


Egyptian Heka

Walking towards Hathor


About The Program Of Study

The Curriculum consists of a First Spiral of 9 Months, a Second Spiral of 7 months and a Special Dedication of 4 Months.

The Call To Hathor's Path

Hathor came into my life from the hand of the incredible Naomi Ozaniec, founder of The House of Life, Priestess like no other I have met in the Pagan Community in person, Mystic and Writer. May 2013 was presented as the answer to a long call to Her blessings. I was not clear if I should approach Isis or Het Her at that moment and our little celebration and the incredible Oracle given to us (Sophie, Tahya and me) by the Goddess and Naomi, left the way open to my work with her. Her entrance into my life was very intense and brought important changes until culminating becoming her Priestess by the hand of my mentor Lesley Harris at the Lyceum Domus Sophiae Terrae et Sanctae Gradalis founded by Caitlin Matthews.

I do not know what your calling is, the reason Hathor calls you to her side. Perhaps you need her blessings in your life, her help? Be that as it may, if she is openig the path for you to her take it as a gift. She Choose her children! Surrender to the call of the Gods, let the Sistrum guide you to her footsteps and enter her temple.

Dua Het Her!

In Eternal Gratitude to Naomi Ozaniec and my Sisters Sophie and Tahya at "la Mesa". 

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