Bones, Ink and Skin:

The Return of Shamanic Healing Tattoo

We are in an era where many people continue to seek a connection with the sacred. In the back of our minds, somehow there are people who continue to approach tattoo to mark a vital moment, experiences, etc. They approach the tattoo looking for a change, a little magic in their lives. In its origin, the tattoo was something magical, ritual, but somehow over time it lost the magic or healing base, the shamanic base of it.

The Bones, Ink and Skin Experience is for those who are fully aware of the transformative power of tattooing and want to go further.

Bones, Ink and Skin is an attempt to recover the shamanic base and share it with those who seek in the tattoo something to reconnect with its magical origins and rituals. Thanks to the integration of shamanic techniques this is possible. We can use the tattoo not only to heal blockages, but also to balance and restore something on an energetic level. The spirits are generous, they will not only guide us to find the origin of the blockages, they will show us that we have to tattoo ourselves and where, for the tattoo to be where it needs ot be to bring healing or a determined energy into our lifes, such is the power of this work.

We can learn to use our modern tools in a sacred way. No, it is not necessary to know how to tattoo in a traditional way, just to work in a sacred way with what we have.

Below you will find information about retreats for tattoo professionals and people who are looking for a sacred tattoo and who want to experience this work. 

You will also find information on training for those who want to learn the techniques to incorporate them into what they offer.

Training, Private and Grupal Retreats

Retreats and Training Specially Designed for Tattoo Professionals who, from a personal spiritual call, want to take their work one step further in order to create Healing Tattoos for their clients. Retreats and Workshops that takes us to revive the ancient connection of the Spiritual Origins of Tattoo.

This Workshops and Retreats aims to rescue a Magical-Shamanic and tattoo Healing intention of Tattoo and give the possibility to modern tattoo artists to learn within a sacred path to create a tattoo through Shamanic techniques and Exclusive Journeys created by Ness Bosch for this Training, Retreats and Workshops in order to bring a totally magical experience to those people who want a tattoo with these characteristics anywhere in the world. One to One mentoring also available. 

We are going to Reconnect the Ancestral Medicine of those Shamans who used Tattoo with Magical, Healing and Spiritual Purposes to the world of the Modern Tattooist. We go through these workshops to become people who work with medicine in addition to our art and personal energy, we will travel a sacred path to the past to bring whoever seeks us something different and profound.

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Bones, Ink and Skin: The Experience

The Retreats

These retreats are a totally magical initiation for attendees.

They are designed for tattoo artists who want to experience a magical and ancient shamanic way of working with tattoos and for people who want a healing and magical tattoo that helps them.

This Retreat is a huge Rite of Passage and a highly transformative experience for both the person receiving the tattoo and the tattoo artist who provides it, creating a powerful connection between the two.

This retreat is a call, from the moment the space where we are going to work opens and a date is chosen. It is a call to tattoo artists who feel like coming to share.

An event is opened where interested professionals will share their professional profile and designs so that people who want to come to receive a shamanic tattoo can choose them as their bridge to the sacred.

I can describe the experience as highly magical and as something that marks a before and after both for the professional and for the person who is tattooed through the ritual process.

Nothing like living it to know if you want to go deeper into this way of working with the tattoo.

The Training

This is for those tattooers who want to receive the shamanic tools of this very special way in order to apply them in their professional life and offer transformative and healing experiences with this work at their shops.

The training can be taken in small groups or if desired as a personal mentoring. Private classes where we will see the study program and practice intensively. I could check the possibility of doing them online.

Throughout the Seminars)Modules we will go deeper into the use of shamanic techniques and their application to Tattoo, to culminate in the preparation of the ritual where you will deliver the tattoo in a sacred way.

The healing possibilities of this work are profound. We can also share the process to bring determined energies and balance. There is a lot you can incorporate into the way you work and to offer it something very special to those who are really looking for something different.

Personal Tattoo Coach

Do you want a magical or healing? 

Yes we can have both also! If you wondered! 

I can guide you in the process to find the tattoo you need, as well as the place where it has to be to bring a change to your life, the only thing you have to do is find a tattoo artist who will then do it for you.

It is clear that it is much better when you have a tattoo artist who is aware of the energetic work he is doing, but we can do the part of the search for the tattoo together.

This process lasts several sessions since we are going to look for information in the shamanic worlds to different places. As a ritual, work is powerful.

If you want me to help you find that magical tattoo you need, do not stop contacting to ask for information.

The first consultation has a 50% discount

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