Remote Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing can help with:



•Emotional issues related to ancestry

•Past traumas

•Lack of Vitality

•Destructive behaviors

•Feeling of emptiness or disconnection in the self

•Power loss

•Soul loss


•Spirit releasing... 

The shamanic treatments that I offer remotely, works as effectively as if you were in the treatment room with me. Thanks to my advanced way of working with the different shamanic techniques that exist and those that I have developed myself, the possibilities of healing are enormous. Not only will we find healing, we will also seek empowerment for you, that is why you will take an active part in the special shamanic journeys that I have designed to be able to work at a distance.

Some of the healing that we can find in the shamanic worlds:

  • Recovery of Soul from a new depth.
  • Deep Lineage Healing to heal blocks you carry from ancestors.
  • Shamanic records to heal past lives.
  • Talk to your loved ones who have already left.
  • Depossession.
  • Shapeshifting for Healing and Empowerment.
  • Know your power animal.
  • Dare to connect with Gods.
  • Meet your guides.

Apart from these journeys I can perform shamanic rituals on request. Some examples: Ceremony to help a soul to depart, Ceremony to heal the scars of the ancestral feminine, ceremony to cleanse energies of shadows and protection, ceremonies of cutting of relationships and many more.

And of course, deep Shamanic Extractions that work at different levels of the soul and that can, apart from freeing you from pain that you can carry for years, will also cleanse energetic memories stored in the soul, intrusions and will balance your energy centers.

These sessions usually last from 1 hour to 1 hour and a half and can be done using Zoom.

If you want more information PM on Facebook or Instagram or write to


Lucy, UK.

I wanted to say thank you so much for the session. I really really enjoyed it. I felt it was like a big step into the shamanic spiritual world and made me realized it can be very powerful and helping. The journey was fantastic. I clearly know that you are an amazing spiritual lady. 

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