Ness Bosch, Shamaness and Priestess

I follow the Path of the Gods, of the Earth, of the Waters... I am a Liminal Being, 

an Alchemist of Realities, a Weaver of the Sacred...

I do not know what has brought you to this page but if you are looking for guidance on your path to strengthen your relationship with the Gods and the Sacred or you are looking for unique and profound Shamanic Teachings, then you are in the right place.

On this page, you will find information about the Spiritual Work I share, the Priesthoods that I teach, as well as my Shamanic Teachings. Some of these trainings are Online so it doesn't matter where you are as long as you have an Internet connection and are willing to work hard. 

If you have a space or a center and you would like me to share face-to-face training in it,  just contact me and schedule in advance. If you want to enquire for late 2024 write to I have Open agenda for Egypt, Europe and the USA.

Check the events section for dates and activities. Also online. Explore the site and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. 



About Ness Bosch

Ness is a Priestess and Shamaness based in Scotland, where she is quite active as part of the country's pagan community and founder of the Goddess Community Scotland. Before moving to Scotland, Ness was Regional Coordinator of the Pagan Federation International in Spain and Head of the Goddess Temple in Granada. She is an Independent Celebrant and the only Spanish Speaking Celebrant in the country.

Ness has been a prominent member of the Spanish-Speaking Pagan Community for years and has students on different continents, not just Online, as she travels regularly sharing her Shamanic knowledge in different countries and is considered a revolutionary in the shamanic `practices field.

She is the founder of the Water Temple and the Covenant of Waters, from where she has guided people towards the Mysteries of Water and the Sea Priesthood since 2012.

She is Priestess Hierophant within FOI and directs The House of Love and Thunder: Iseum of the Power of the Heart and co-directs The Temple of Hathor. She created The Priesthood of Hathor ®, a training for those who feel the call of the Goddess. Ness is also an Archdruid, a member of the Clan of Dana in FOI, and runs the Grove of Excalibur and the Lady of the Lake.

Ness was Torchbearer of the Covenant Hekate (CoH), the First Spanish to hold this position in the Covenant, where she actively participated in ritual creation groups and other activities for the Covenant community.

Before being a member of the CoH, Ness led the Hekate Tethys Krataiis Temple in Spain, from which they edited the first Devotional Guide to Goddess Hekate in Spanish. 

Ness has walked the shamanic path for years, is a Sun Dancer in the Lakota Tradition, and a Bearer of a Pipe. She is the Founder of the Path of Bones and the Clan of la Huesera.

In 2011 she battled a large tumor, won that battle, and developed a great understanding of the experience.

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